Harmony School of Technology Technology Survey Form

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In response to recent school closures because of COVID-19, we are gathering information about the ability of our students to continue learning at home using online materials and/or a virtual classroom. Please complete the technology survey that has been sent to all families in a previous email in order to help us understand the availability of internet and electronic devices in your home. If you are unable to find it, we will also be sending a new email after this message that contains the same survey link. Based on your survey answers, if your student is determined to be in need of a Chromebook and a hotspot device, we will work to provide such things to support continued learning at home. Once you open the survey, we ask you to fill it out completely, once per student, therefore if you have multiple students please fill out the survey multiple times. Please complete the survey by this Friday, August 7th.

Survey link