Re-Enrollment for 2019-2020

Attention Parents:

If your child will continue attending Harmony School of Technology next year, (this includes 8th-grade students planning to attend Harmony School of Advancement) please be on the lookout for re-enrollment information coming soon. Re-enrollment will be from January 7-25th and will be done only online. It is very important that you fill out your online re-enrollment information by the deadline to secure your student’s place here at our school. By NOT re-enrolling, you will automatically lose your student’s place here at Harmony School of Technology and Advancement…  If you have any questions please call Mrs. Caldera at (281)444-1555 x 200 or by email at


Re-Inscripción para 2019-2020

Atencion Padres: Si su estudiante seguira asistiendo a Harmony School of Technology el proximo año, (esto incluye a los estudiantes de octavo grado que asistiran a Harmony School of Advancement) por favor esten atentos, pronto se les mandara informacion de re-inscripcion. La re-inscripcion se llevara acabo de Enero 7-25 y se llevara acabo solamente en linea. Es muy importante que re-inscriba a sus estudiantes en linea antes de la fecha limite para asegurar su lugar en Harmony School of Technology y Advancement. Al NO re-inscribir a sus estudiantes, perderan automaticamente el lugar de su estudiante en Harmony School of Technology y Advancement. Si tiene alguna pregunta o duda por favor comuniquese con Mrs. Caldera al (281) 444-1555 x 200 o por email