Invitation: Campus Improvement Team (School Support Team) Meeting
Topic: 2020- 2021 Campus Improvement Plan Development
Each year Harmony School of Technology administrators, teachers, parents and community members meet together in a series of meetings to improve our school for students’ success. Harmony School of Technology invites parents to join Campus Improvement Team (School Support Team) and contribute to these meetings so that we can work together to improve our school. During these series of meetings, we evaluate current Campus Improvement Plan, discuss and provide feedback about the areas of strengths and areas of improvement, identify campus needs and finally develop Campus Improvement Plan for the next academic year.
We would like to invite you to our final meeting on Wednesday April 8, 2020 at 3:00 am-4:15 pm. The meeting will be held on Google Meets. During the meeting, we will develop 2020-2021 Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) together.
· Introduction
· Review Priority Needs
· Develop 2020-2021 Campus Improvement Plan
How to Access to the Meeting Platform?
You will need to use the following link to access to the meeting:
Please mute your microphone and type your name into the chat box when you enter to the meeting. During the meeting please type your suggestions/ ideas into the chat box so we will not miss your contribution.
Please review the following reports before our meeting. You may refer to these reports during the meeting:
· 2018-19 Federal Report Card
· 2018-19 School Report Card
· 2018-19 Texas Academic Performance Report
If you have any questions please send an email to Dr. Suslu at
Thank you for your contribution and support our students’ education!
Harmony School of Technology-Houston