All visitors to Harmony School of Technology is required to enter through the designated Visitor’s Entrances (Visitor needs to check in at front office building “A”. (preferably)while school is in session.

Visitors are permitted to visit only the following designated locations during school hours: Administrative Offices (Building A) Attendance Office, Health Office(Building B), Attendance Office and Cafeteria(Building B).

Visitors will follow the below procedures before being authorized to enter the building:

All visitors will be required to present a state issued photographic identification card, which will be used to check each visitor against a national registered sex offender database and to log the visit, using Raptor System Software.(Front office keeps drivers license and place in box until visitor leaves)
If a visitor does not have acceptable identification, he or she may not be permitted into the building.
Upon being cleared, each visitor will be issued a temporary photographic identification badge, which will indicate the area in which the individual has been authorized to visit.
The visitor shall wear the badge at ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE BUILDING.
Visitors will be required to surrender their badges at the main office prior to leaving the building and must exit through the main doorway only.
Designated personnel will remove the visitor from the Raptor system and destroy the visitor badge.

Effective November 1st.

Thank you for your assistance in maintaining a safe and secure learning

environment at Harmony School of Technology.

Thank you,