Parents and students
Hello parents and students. Welcome to the 2019/2020 Harmony School of Technology Basketball tryouts. This year I, coach Kimble, will be the girls basketball coach and Mr. Lowe will be the boys Premier team coach. We will both coach the boys secondary team (if we choose to have one) as well as assist with each other’s team. As of now we plan to have two boys teams to give more students an opportunity to play organized basketball. We understand this can be a stressful time for you both. Not everyone will be selected for a team but we will give everyone who tries out a fair and equal opportunity to show their skills. We will also give feedback and encourage students to try again next year.

Health-parent/student forms
All parents must sign a liability form for a student to tryout. It is highly encouraged to complete a physical before tryouts. Students who are selected for a team will not be able to practice until a physical is completed! If you have any questions please contact Coach Kimble or Mr. Lowe.

September 3rd Girls Tryout 3:30-4:45
September 5th Boys tryout 3:30-5:00

Change of clothes is recommended but not mandatory
(please be on time to pick up your student)