Fine Arts Gala Night Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rules & Process:

This contest is for students at HST in grades 5th – 8th

One submission per student is allowed.

Entries must be received by the week of April 16th – 20th

Theme: NO Theme


Artwork Specifications:

Entries can be 2-dimentional or 3-dimentional

Entries must be completely original

If this is computer generated please submit the working file via USB.

Paintings submissions cannot be from those made at Painting parties.

Minimum Requirements: nothing smaller than 4 ½ x 6”

Nothing Violence related will be accepted

***Mrs. Tidwell reserves the right to remove any entry deemed not appropriate/ violent.***


Mediums and techniques that will be accepted:

  • drawing, painting, printmaking, or collage media
  • found objects from nature or recycled materials
  • Sculptural media such as clay, plaster, papier mache, wire, ect.
  • Fabrics, fibers and papers
  • Digital media/ computer generated – Printed paper copy



We are asking that those students who are participating try to attend to enjoy a great program but as well for the announcement of the art contest winners.  Prizes will be awarded after towards the end of the Fine Arts Gala Program.

Prize Categories: 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place & Honorable Mention

  • All participants will receive Certificates of Participation

You should get a name tag from Mrs. Tidwell if you are interested in submitting a project to Mrs. Tidwell. Remember to *come up with a creative Title.* You must fill out a Name Tag to complete your project’s submission.

If you have any questions: Email Mrs. Tidwell


Thanks and Good Luck,

Mrs. Tidwell


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