Dear students and guardians,


As you may already know, Friday, September 10, was the last day for students to sign up for after-school programs. Unfortunately, due to a lack of registration, some clubs were unable to make it and therefore have been canceled. Those clubs are the Russian club, Turkish club, Spanish spelling bee, PEP Squad, Music and Dance club. If your student had signed up for any of these clubs, then please contact Mrs. Didic at to reimburse your club fees. I know that club registration has already ended but, if your student is interested in any other clubs other than those that have already been filled up, let me know. I will check with the club sponsors to see if they will accept students. If your student was unable to register for a club that they were interested in this semester, I hope that they will be able to do so next semester.


Note: Some of our clubs require try-outs or teacher selection such as First Lego Robotics, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Yearbook. Before you sign-up or pay for these clubs, you should be selected after tryouts or have completed an assignment to be accepted in that club, such as Yearbook. FBLA, cheerleading, and CRLP clubs will continue accepting students until next Friday. Cheerleading will have tryouts on September 14, 2021, around 3:30 PM. FBLA has no requirements and you can regularly register for it.

Thank you all for your understanding on this matter.

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