Dear Enrichment, Technology, and Advancement Families,

Due to the challenges that we faced during arrival and dismissal, we are making a significant change to the traffic patterns for the Enrichment, Technology, and Advancement property.
Advancement and Enrichment will now enter the property from the first exit, south of the campuses.  Both of these campuses will then exit from the driveway closest to the Advancement campus.
Technology will continue to enter and exit from the driveway closest to Technology.
There are many changes that are resulting from the change in traffic patterns.  Please review the map in careful detail, paying special attention to the directions as they apply to families with students at multiple campuses.
We will post an FAQ within the coming days to further assist learning the new procedures.
Due to the complex nature of arrival and dismissal on the property, the procedures will be strictly enforced and exceptions will not be made.
Once you’ve reviewed the maps, please reach out to your campus administration if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Enrichment, Technology, and Advancement Administrative Teams