Dear HST Parents and Students!

Are you interested in participating in an after-school club?
Harmony School of Technology staff members hosts several student clubs!
Technology clubs and organizations are a great way to meet new friends
and to create a greater Technology!

If you see a club listed you are interested in,
please see or email the club sponsor for more information.
For administrative support regarding clubs, please email

Please click here for after school club registration form

Please click here for Fall After School Club List


Harmony School of Technology After School Program Policies

  • Students may select a maximum of two (2) afterschool clubs/organizations from the registration form.
  • The deadline to register for clubs and paying the club fees is Friday, September 14, 2018, by 4 pm.
  • The clubs will not be offered if there are less than 6 students.
  • Clubs will begin on Monday, September 10, 2018.
  • No late payments/registration will be accepted. No refunds will be given unless the club has less than 6 members and is considered closed.

Admission fees:

Each student must be enrolled in the program by the parent or legal guardian approval. Most afterschool clubs and activities will have a $50.00 fee per semester per club. Some clubs may require an additional fee depending on the needs of that club. They need to pay their club fees to the front office either with a check or credit card.

Club Fee/Waiver Policy:

Harmony has adopted a policy for waiving a deposit or fee if a student or the student’s parents are unable to pay. A request for a waiver must be made in writing to the Campus Engagement Coordinator using the enclosed form and must include evidence of the inability to pay. Details for the waiver are available in the Campus Engagement and Support Coordinator’s office.


Rules and regulations outlined in the Harmony School of Technology Student Handbook will be applied to the after school program and all students enrolled in the program are expected to follow them. Students should stay at their assigned places during the after-school class period. Students cannot go to their lockers or loiter in the hallways and cafeteria.


Dismissal time for those who enrolled in clubs is 3:45 pm and 5:00 pm. Please be sure to pick your student up promptly at 5:00 pm after club dismissal. Please make the necessary arrangements to ensure students are off campus by school closing time, 5:00 pm.

Late Pick Up:

If you are going to be late, please try to call a friend or relative to pick up your child and also please call your child’s club sponsor. The first time a family is late in picking up their child, the club teacher will remind them of the pick-up expectations verbally. The teacher will document the late pick-up and any conversations or follow up in the child’s file. The second time a family is late in picking up their child, the club teacher will follow the same procedure listed above.  The third time a family is late in picking up their child, the student will not be allowed to participate in the club anymore and no refunds will be given.


Space is limited, and enrollment will be on a first come, first serve basis.