Hello 8th grade parents/guardians,

I hope this email finds you safe and in good health. Despite the current circumstances, the Counseling Department of HS-Advancement is still working to ensure that students at its feeder schools who are planning on attending the high school at their campus are able to choose their courses for their 9th grade year.

Beginning April 6th and going on until April 30th, course selection at HS-Advancement will be available on Skyward. During this time, your 8th grade students will be capable of choosing the 8 classes that will make up their schedules next year. Attached down below is a course selection sheet and students should be choosing classes that are listed under the 9th grade column.

Please be aware that class selection and schedules are not finalized until they are approved by the counselors and are still subject to change up until the first week of the next school year. This all relies on a range of factors such as class size, availability, pre-requisites, and the correction of incorrectly chosen courses.

Please click here for the Skyward Course Selection Steps

Please click here for the 9th Grade Course Selection