Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. Our PTO organization forms a community for the parents, the staff of Harmony School of Technology, and students to work together to obtain common goals. We encourage all parents and staff at Harmony School of Technology to join. Membership dues are only $10 (CASH ONLY) per family and are used to support our school. Please complete the form below.

HST PTO Membership Form/ Formulario de Membresía de HST PTO

Bienvenidos al año escolar 2020-2021. Nuestra organización PTO forma una comunidad para que los padres, el personal de la Escuela de Tecnología Harmony y los estudiantes trabajen juntos para obtener metas comunes. Alentamos a todos los padres y al personal de la Escuela de Tecnología Harmony a unirse. Las cuotas de membresía son solo $ 10 (SOLO EN EFECTIVO) por familia y se utilizan para apoyar a nuestra escuela. Complete el siguiente formulario


Please Join Us by Zoom

Meeting ID: 996 4799 4985
Passcode: 342477



It’s Good for Your Child
When parents get plugged in at school, their children do better.

You’ll Get Connected
PTO is a great way to learn what is going on at school, get to know the teachers and administrators and hear first hand about important decisions.

You’ll be Part of a Network
Meet other parents who share a common goal.

You’ll be a Role Model
You’ll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education is as well.

It’s for Every Parent
Your voice and opinion matter! It can make a difference when you speak up. Your voice and ideas can help improve the quality of education.

It’s Important to the School
PTO provides support to teachers and administrators and creates a caring supportive atmosphere at school.

Please Join Us by Zoom!


3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Thursday 1, October 1, 2020

Harmony School of Technology

Zoom link


Meeting ID 915 0478 5909


You are Cordially Invited to Attend

Harmony School of Technology

Title I Parent and Family Engagement Meeting

October 1, 2020 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Zoom link: https://harmonytx.zoom.us/j/2388066365

Goal/Purpose: Review, evaluate and update/develop Written

Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) Policy and the School-Parent Compact

Agenda Items:

I. Title I Program Presentation

II. Review and evaluate last year’s PFE Policy and School-Parent Compact

III. Jointly develop PFE Policy and Compact for current year

IV. School’s Curriculum, Academic Performance

V. Comments, Q&A

HST Virtual Learning will continue online today, as normal. However, the campus will be close to employees. students and visitors. Stay safe!

Dear Parents and Students,


Please choose the clubs you want to get in for the 2020-2021 school year. Please make your selections based clubs dates do not have a scheduling conflict. Selecting clubs on this list doesn’t mean a guarantee that you will be in those clubs. If you like to apply for more than one club, you need to submit a new form for each club. Please review the after school clubs’ details for the Fall Semester, 2020-2021 school year, and slides below and click on the registration form to sign up.

  • One student can join up to a maximum of 3 clubs.
  • All after school clubs will begin on Monday, September 21, 2020
  • All after school clubs are free of charge for all HST students.

Each club/organization has limited spots available. Once all spots are filled, no one else will be allowed to join that club.

Contact listed club advisor for detailed club information

If you have any questions, e-mail at aysetas@harmonytx.org


Please click here for the Club Manual and the registration Form

Reading skills are foundational to educational success for all students.

Encouraging students to read more improves their skills and promotes a love of reading they can continue throughout their educational years and into adulthood.

That’s why Harmony Public Schools is hosting a fall Reading Challenge for all students in all campuses.

Join your classmates from across your campus and across the state from Monday, September 21, 2020 though Sunday, January 3, 2021 as together we show our love for reading and discover new and exciting ideas, authors, and stories through our favorite books.

Along the way, we’ll recognize our top readers and campuses each month, share favorite book picks, and ask for your reviews on some of your favorite reads.

The reading challenges by grade are:

Kindergarten – Grade 2
20 Books

Grade 3-5
10 Novels
3 Fiction
3 Nonfiction
1 Poetry
3 Student Choice

Grade 6-8
12 Novels
4 Fiction
4 Nonfiction
1 Poetry
3 Student Choice

Grade 9-12
14 Novels
5 Fiction
4 Nonfiction
1 Poetry
4 Student Choice

Share your favorite reads on social media by tagging Harmony and using the hashtag #HarmonyReads.



NWEA MAP testing will take place remotely the week of September 14th through 17th. Your child’s schedule will look very different during testing week . Your child will be assigned a specific testing time by their homeroom teacher. During testing week, testing could take place as early as 9:00 AM am. Please see the attached parent letter and watch the informational video to learn how MAP testing will work. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher or the campus testing coordinator, Mr. Sevinc at msevinc@harmonytx.org


PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP Family Toolkit – Resources for parents

Parent Information for Fall 2020 NWEA MAP Administration

Dear HST Students, Parents and Teachers;

When the COVID-19 pandemic first began in our state last spring, we promised our Harmony community that our response to the pandemic would always be focused on keeping our entire Harmony community safe, and our students focused on learning. As a school system that places a heavy emphasis on science and math, we also promised that all of our decisions would be based on the best science and data available.

Today, we wanted to share with you an important update about the reopening of your child’s school. Just as importantly, though, we wanted to share with you more detailed information about how that determination was made and what specifics steps toward reopening will happen next.

From the beginning of the pandemic, Harmony has looked at a specific group of informed and reliable data sources to determine the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in our local community. These sources are the Harvard University Data Center, the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Department of State Health Services, our city and county health agencies, and information from our neighboring school systems.

From this data, Harmony Public Schools has developed a four-stage reopening plan for its 58 campuses across Texas that allows the specific COVID-10 conditions in each community to determine each school’s individual reopening plan.

Our campus is currently Stage #1 and will begin Stage #4 on October 12th, 2020.
In short, Stage #1 means; Campuses must remain closed for both students and staff for the time being due to a high presence of COVID-19 in our community. However, in the next stage, Stage 2, it may be safe to host a limited number of students in Harmony Learning Centers. In these Learning Centers, students would complete their daily classwork remotely from a Harmony facility in a supervised, day-long “study hall”-like setting.

Stage #4 means; Campuses are open for in-person learning for all students whose parents opted for on-campus learning. Students and staff members would be required to follow all safety protocols outlined in the Harmony Public Schools Back to School Playbook, as well as any others deemed necessary for safe, productive learning.
Our ultimate goal is to reopen our campus for all students who opted into in-person learning (Stage 4) as soon as conditions are favorable.
Our goal for Stage 4 is October 12th, dependent on local COVID-19 conditions and TEA guidelines.

– Stage 2 starts on September 14th, 2020. Mostly distance learning with limited in-person students in a learning center setting
– Stage 3 starts on October 5th, 2020. In-Person instruction with targeted groups (students who have chronic absenteeism and staff kids)
Staff returns on October 5th, 2020
– Stage 4 starts on October 12th,2020. Students who chose in person learning will start to come to campus.
Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times, and for helping keep our students safe and focused on learning.
We will continue to keep you updated as new developments take place.
If you have any further questions, please contact Celil Basol at cbasol@harmonytx.org

Celil Basol

Dear HST Parents and Guardians,

A reminder that there is no school on Monday, September 7th due to the Labor Day holiday. Classes resume Tuesday, September 8.

Welcome to the 2020 school year! This year will be challenging, with many changes in education and the world at large. To help you navigate the School Health specific challenges for this year, we would like to make you aware of the following:

Regardless of attendance on campus or virtually, your child is required by state law to submit completed vaccine records or original copy of the affidavit of reasons of conscience from the state to be enrolled.

For current students, the deadline for submission was August 17th.
For newly enrolled students, the deadline for submission is September 16th.

After these dates the campus will be required to unenroll your student. Please make sure complete copies of your records are submitted before this deadline.


To reduce risk of exposure to students and staff, students will be seen for medications and scheduled treatments or illness concerns or scheduled appointments only.
Students who display signs of illness will be quarantined and must be picked up by the parent within 1 hour.
Students who do not display signs of illness needing quarantining will be returned to class.
This helps us keep students who are ill from unintentionally infecting students who are healthy during clinic visits. Thank you for your support.

Health guidelines including plans to keep your child healthy can be found in the Harmony Public Schools Back to School Playbook here: https://www.harmonytx.org/playbook

Please click here for Spanish

Dear HST Parents,
We will distribute instructional materials on Friday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Please make the necessary arrangements to come to school during those scheduled hours to pick up your student’s materials.

In accordance with the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented students, Harmony Public Schools will begin taking referrals for kindergarten and newly- enrolled students in grades 1-12 for gifted and talented screening.  Anyone interested in the educational welfare of these students may refer them for assessment. Referral forms are available on the school’s website. Read more